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I'm Kim the Founder & Managing Director of KSJ Property Enterprise. I started this company to help people, like you, invest into property without the stress and capital that usually comes with the average UK property investment. Read my story to find out what motivated me to create a successful company.

My Story

Well, let me tell you a bit about how and why I started the same journey you are thinking about right now.

Years ago, I was contemplating whether to invest in the stock market or the property market! After doing the calculations, I concluded the investment into the UK property market was the best choice. With my previous experience in the lettings and estate agency industry, it made more sense to stick to what I knew, plus I love everything to do with property!

During my years of acquiring properties and building my own portfolio I started my business and became a member of Property Investment Network (PIN), Information's Commissions Office (ICO) and the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA)

Investing in property with the right knowledge equals a much better return on your money than you can achieve in a savings account. Investing in UK Property has given me long-term capital growth as well as a healthy cash flow.

I always wanted this as a main source of income and it has enabled me to plan for my retirement and leave a legacy for my children, as well as giving me some free time to spend with friends and family due to the passive and semi passive income it affords me.

Investing in UK Properties has improved the quality of my life and it can do the same for you. So don't hesitate, book as free confidential call with a professional property investor today.


Kim Rivett

Managing Director

KSJ Property Enterprise Ltd.


Connect with us

I always like to connect with new people so if you're not ready to start your project now, why not follow us on social media or subscribe to our blog.

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